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As a science & environmental journalist, I write primarily about environmental health, climate, & radiation issues, but I'm also very interested in biogeochemistry & microbiology, as well as the history & philosophy of science. And, well, pretty much everything.

Or is it even worse than we thought? Can anyone really tell us?

Miller-McCune Magazine   |   March-April 2012

Why Is It So Difficult to Choose Safer Alternatives to Hazardous Chemicals?

Environmental Health Perspectives  | July 2012

Emerging research shows that bacteria have powers to engineer the environment, to communicate and to affect human well-being. They may even think.

Miller-McCune Magazine   |   December 2, 2010

In the capricious world of nuclear waste, a scientist focuses on promising technologies for the capture and storage of the maddeningly elusive iodine-129. 

Miller-McCune Magazine   |   August 19, 2009


Advances in the field of epigenetics show that environmental contaminants can turn genes “on” and “off” triggering serious diseases that are handed down through generations. But there’s also a more heartening prospect: The same diseases may be treated by relatively simple changes in nourishment and lifestyle.

Miller-McCune Magazine   |  July 14, 2008

*First Place, Society of Environmental Journalists'        Competition, Explanatory Writing in Print, 2009

Environmental Health Perspectives  |  August 2005

Beneath the Columbia River Basin, a real-life trial of the uncertain science of carbon sequestration

High Country News | September 2007

Environmental Health Perspectives

November 2003

Increased risk persists two decades after radioiodine exposure

 Environmental Health Perspectives

 July 2011

Environmental Health Perspectives

February 2007

Environmental Science & Technology

January 1, 2003

Environmental Health Perspectives | November 2007

Forest Magazine   |   Spring 2006

Science | January 2007




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